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Team fundraising goal: $40,000.00

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2023 Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk

LMSa and Friends

Team LMSa and Friends is returning to Napa Valley in 2023!

As part of our commitment to raise money and support those living with ALS, LMSa is taking part in the 2023 Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS. Our Team Challenge ALS fundraising goal is $40,000, and our team members are taking part in everything from the 100 mile century to the shorter walking and cycling routes.

Founding Principal Marsha Maytum has been living with ALS since 2020, and has been extremely active in local ALS research and advocacy. “There is SO much that we don't understand about ALS, and it is clear that there are interrelationships between a great many illnesses and the environment,'' said Marsha. “I was surprised to learn that less than 10% of ALS cases are genetic, and the causes of the remaining 90+% of cases are unknown. It’s also alarming that veterans and military personnel are twice as likely to have ALS than the general population.”

She reflects on the founding of the LMSa practice and the parallels between ALS research and social justice: “As one of our clients used to say, everyone is just temporarily able-bodied,” Marsha said. “Along the journey of life, whether you're a mother with a stroller with a bunch of groceries and two kids, or someone who really needs a good amount of assistance in mobility, universal design features are really beneficial for everyone in our society.”

Please consider joining us in our fundraising efforts. All money raised will go directly to ALS treatment and cure research.

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