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2023 Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS

September 30, 2023 | Woodward Park
Fresno, CA, 93720
Registration opens at 9:00am | Walk begins at 10:00am

The Golden West Walk to Defeat ALS is the #1 way to unite and fundraise for those living with ALS.

Your participation, commitment, and fundraising efforts fuel cutting-edge research, provide access to world-class care, and support advocacy efforts on behalf of the ALS community. Each year, the Walk drives bold and urgent innovation as we walk and roll together toward treatments and cures.

Walk in Honor. Walk in Memory. Walk in Support.

Let's Walk together to Defeat ALS!

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Campaign Progress

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Proceeds from the 2023 Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS will provide critical funding for the Golden West Chapter's urgent mission priorities related to ALS care services, public policy initiatives, and cutting-edge global research.

Gratitude to our Local Sponsors

Thank you to our National Sponsors

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