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Everything we do advances the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS.

We deeply appreciate your dedication in helping power our efforts to support the ALS community, and we want to share with you your impact on our mission in care services, research, and advocacy.

The ALS Association Golden West Chapter is dedicated to the fight against ALS in many ways, including funding global research efforts, supporting scientific and clinical collaboration, connecting people with ALS to clinical trials, partnering with multidisciplinary ALS clinics and centers, educating the public about ALS, providing professional care management services to families facing ALS, pursuing important public policy initiatives, and bringing the ALS community together.

Evidence-based care and promising ALS research

The Golden West Chapter’s compassionate Care Services team provides professional, expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free-of-charge. During the onset of COVID-19, the Chapter shifted to online platforms to provide comprehensive care services.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated Regional Care Managers are utilizing technology to help individuals and families access the most current and impactful information, resources, equipment, and experts in order to maintain and maximize health. Online support groups throughout our service area have seen a large increase in attendance, and we are facilitating more loans of equipment and communication devices than ever before. Our ability to offer educational webinars has allowed increased access to knowledge on a variety of ALS specific topics for more individuals than ever before, including many outside our Chapter territory.

Medical professionals from more than 27 multidisciplinary ALS specialty clinics and centers supported by the Chapter are now meeting regularly via Chapter hosted calls in order to share ideas and collaborate. Utilizing telehealth techniques, our proven model of robust, proactive, multidisciplinary care continues to increase and improve quality of life with ALS, while also advancing the search for treatments and cures.

Powering the world's largest ALS research program, the Chapter supports The ALS Association's active projects in more than 150 labs around the globe. From harnessing innovative ideas, to translating concepts to therapies -- our collaborative and global approach to funding research drives the leading discoveries by top ALS scientists locally and around the globe.

Advocating and sharing your stories

A nationwide network of dedicated volunteer ALS advocates work year-round to address legislative issues and secure funding to improve the lives of thousands of people with ALS and their families. Our efforts in California, Hawaii, and across the nation, inform and educate elected officials and the public about opportunities to facilitate access to services, accelerate drug development, and reduce barriers to care and research.

Empowering and building our ALS community

Each year, the Chapter hosts more than 30 memorable and spirited community outreach events to provide people living with ALS and their families with the opportunity to gather, share, and enjoy themselves in a fun and casual setting. Our family-friendly activities -- like the Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS and Walk, Walks to Defeat ALS, Run to Defeat ALS, Hike to Defeat ALS, ALS Golf Classic, Champions for Cures and Care, just to name a few -- empower the ALS community and inspire our actions to create a world without ALS.

You make all of this possible - Thank you!

Your generous support fuels everything we do, and everything we do advances the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS. The Golden West Chapter relies on the generosity of individuals, families, companies, and philanthropic organizations to make what we do possible. This year, the Golden West Chapter became accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. In addition, for the ninth consecutive year, Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator, has awarded the Chapter its highest rating possible four stars in recognition of our ongoing commitment to sound fiscal management, accountability, and transparency. Only 5% of charitable organizations rated receive this exceptional distinction.

Together, we will defeat ALS.

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